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"DNA doubling on chromosome 22 shows strong ties to autism"

30 May 2016 | Spectrumnews

"The region, called 22q11.2, is best known for a deletion of the same stretch of genes, which is primarily linked to schizophrenia. Some studies indicate that people with 22q11.2 deletions have an increased risk of autism, but in other studies, rigorous diagnostic tests have failed to confirm many of the autism diagnoses."

"Girl spreading awareness for Deletion 22q through Taylor Swift inspired music video"

8 April 2016 | News10

"A College of Saint Rose student has changed the lyrics to a popular Taylor Swift song to teach the community about her disorder. Amy Maiorano was diagnosed with Deletion 22Q when she was 10-years-old"

"Prenatal Screen to be Highly Accurate in Identifying 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome in a General Population"

12 Jan 2016 | PRNewswire

"Prenatal screening can alert caregivers about an affected infant, and allow for delivery and treatment at a specialized facility and neonatal treatments designed to mitigate symptoms. The reported PPV and low false positive rate supports use of Panorama as a first-line screen in the general population."

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